Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The packing continues! The hardest part was choosing which shoes to bring. No really...... I'm settled on a pair of peep toe pumps, a wedged dress sandal, an urban flat, and sneakers. I think that should cover all the things we will be doing. I don't want to be stuck walking about the Aalborg Zoo or out on a farm in heels, though it could provide entertainment for the animals.

The other prohibitive factor to packing is of course Glory the basset hound. She thinks my spacebags of clothes are the perfect spot to take a nap. I seriously doubt I will make it out of the US hair-free.

I do have to say I have found many more travel accessories (like my flight pillow) in pink these days. :-) If it werent apparent from my blog theme, pink is my favorite color. Then orange. Then blue. But mostly just pink.

Today is my day to finish up packing. And figure out which phone I will use in Europe. My only lament about switching to Verizon and the Droid is that it doesnt have the UMTS bands which would allow me to use it places other than the US. I've traded the snobbery of Apple and helplessness of AT&T iphone plans for the limitations of the Droid and Verizon's "global traveler" plans which are a major FAIL. If I were still working in telecom I would most certainly rant to someone about it.

And before anyone gets the idea I'm just a frilly girl with my shoe issues and love of pink.... tomorrow morning I have a 9:48 tee time at the golf course. Time to swing some clubs! And hopefully avoid the water hazzards. Last time on this same course I totally plunked one in the water. (ok, it was two into the water but it was on the same hole so thats really like doing it once right????........ right????)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Preparing for Take-off

Hello World (Yes, Wordpress, I stole that.)

Soooooooooo I'm finally getting around to actually adding a post to the blog about the fact that the rest of the GSE team and I will be heading to Denmark on Friday. Yep. Preparing for take-off.

So far my week of final preparations has included an ideterminable amount of trips to Target and Walmart for the things I forgot, and the normal girly stuff like making sure my hair will hold up over the next month without too much hassle. I'm convincing myself too that no matter how much ironing and starching I do now, things will be wrinkled by the time I get to Denmark. I hope the Danes don't mind a rumple or two.

I've also been doing quite a bit of snuggling with Glory, my basset hound, who I will sorely miss when I am away. My roomate has been warned that when I call or skype home he will need to hold the phone or laptop up so I can talk to my dog. A four pound bag of dog treats is sitting on the counter and kibble is stocked in the pantry, toys appear all over the apartment, but I will still worry!

I'll keep you all updated here, but also check out our GSE team blog at http://gseorlando.wordpress.com. We will all be updating there daily (if we stay on schedule).