Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aars is for Art

For a small town, Aars certainly has a good arts scene. From the new nusic house to the commissioned art throughout the main street and schools, the municipality has a lot of it. I have to say I don't think all of it is the art I would prefer to have in my city or surrounds, but there is a great support for artists and their work in the region.

I am also quite lucky to be the guest of one of the town's attornies and his family for these four days. I've made fast friends with Adina the red cocker spaniel (who immediatley sensed I was a doggie pushover and would bend to her every whim).

In less exciting news I seem also to have cracked the sole of my sneaker so that my right foot can get wet from the bottom up. So random.... but it means that I will have to go shoe shopping because the liklihood of us having rain free days for the next two and a half weeks is slim to none. Fall in Denmark means rain and wind.

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