Sunday, September 19, 2010

A bit more on Animal Resuce

Since many of my hosts and people I've met have asked what animal rescue is and why I support it, here's a video form the ASPCA explaining what they do.

If you can still read after watching that video: I have a basset hound who's life would no doubt be much different if she did not have an understanding owner. (Those of you who have met Glory know there are a few things less than normal about my dog. She suffers from several genetic faults from bad breeding which cause several of her internal organs to be small and shunted, leading to her inability to properly clean her bloodstream and her abnormal development. Other than the obvious issue with the organs themselves, some of those neural connections in the brain will never take place. The light is on but no one is home. But she has the most loving heart and sweet personality. If she had headed towards a hunting pack or other life, she would have likely ended up in a shelter, at a resuce, abandonded/lost (she can't find her way back home.) or dead because someone didnt take her to the vet when she was young to see what the issue was.

For Glory and the other dogs brought into the world by breeders just looking to make a quick buck, I support rescue. For all the hounds whose owners don't stand by them when they get ill, or don't take them when they move, or think having children and a dog at the same time is impossible, I support rescue. For all the old dogs whose muzzles are gray and steps are wobbly, I support rescue. I beleive our pets should be treated with dignity in their old age, provided the care they need, and made to know love.

The rescues I have the most connection with are the House of Puddles in Fredrick, MD and Senior Hounds Abound in Orlando, FL.

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