Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Castles that stand the winds of time....

After a sad goodbye to our Aalborg hosts we have arrived in Rønde. We took a short walk over a 500 year old stone road (not so flat these days) and visited a fort which used to house the King of Sweden. Of course the king was actually held as a prisoner there, so his prison tower was not so homey. While the castle withstood the wind, we were thankful for our rotary jackets which we chose for wind and rain proofing our journey.

And oh suprise suprise we had fish at lunch. And we negotiated the second attack of the prawns that keep appearing on my plate in seeking to make me authorize Corey to stab me with the epipen. Seriously!!! The restaurants have been very nice about the shellfish removal though we hear there is good healthcare here. Even so I would rather not use it. Ever. :-) (Sorry Corey.)

Marisa and I are now settled in with our host who has a fantastic farm with pigs. At least we think there are pigs since it is too dark to tell. We also took our first trip to a danish grocery to pick out our breakfast and snacks. Tomorrow we are off to a vocational day.

Picture will appear at some point.....

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  1. Sounds lovely, apart from the epi-pen risk...
    I can`t wait for pics :)