Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wifi to the Rescue!!!

WHaaaaat???!!???! I have wifi!????! Yipeeeeeee!!!!!!

Not only do my awesome Grenaa hosts have wifi they have two cute little boys whos antics leave me rolling and a cuddly springer spaniel who is excited to have another person to pay attention to him (ball anyone????)

Before I left Ronde (I really wish I had the proper characters for these Danish names) I visited a pig farm (well to be exact i stayed on the pig farm but actually got to go in the barn buildings and held a 4 hour old piglet). They are so cute before they look like pigs and before they realize they are bacon.

We also visited some viking burial grounds which are called the stonehenge of denmark. If it hadnt been drizzling and chilly I definitley would have wanted to stay longer. We also had a short hike, also "dampened" by the weather. But most fun of our last day with our Ronde hosts was visiting the Royal tall ship, which was modified from a sail ship to a steam powered vessel, and browsing a glass art museum.

Pictures are.... um... forthcoming. I may actually be able to upload soon! HA!

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