Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I've posted some on the group blog this week but forgot to post on my own (or remembered but was too tired). We've moved through another segment, staying in Sindal for three days. Sindal is a cute little town of about 4,000. I got to experience my second danish birthday with my hosts as their little girl had turned 7. Birthdays are a big deal over here! And unlike the 8 year old boy's birthday I got to participate in previously which included running about in the woods, riding atvs, and playing ball, this birthday was properly decked out in pink princess gear, had drawing and painting time, and a disco dance room.

We also took a day up to Skagen at the very top of Denmark where we attended the Skipperskole and took a "sandworm" out to the peninsula tip to see where the North Sea and Baltic Sea meet. It was cold, but I put my feet in the water anyway.

My vocational day was at Tankegang, a very modern multimedia firm in Frederickshavn. They produce most of the print marketing for the regional government agencies. I have to say that their government marketing is far more catchy and modern than most of that I've seen in the US. Tankegang also marks the second real discussion I've gotten to have about internet media, social media, and mobile media (apps). YAY, people who actually understood what I do!!!!

We are now hosted by the Rotary in Hjorring. We are staying out at Skallerup Klit, a hotel facility so we can have a day without scheduled program. Yesterday we gave a presentation to the 1440 district conference in Hjorring. Today we get to watch it rain (thanks weatherman) and enjoy the Roman Baths.

Tomorrow we have another vocational visit (for me this is the Hjorring Library which I also toured on Saturday, so I'm hoping something new comes out of it since I'm assigned to go again) and our regular club presentation in the evening.

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